Solutions for businesses of all sizes

If you're working with a small team or hosting a one-on-one meeting with a client, you don't have to pay anything to use Cisco WebEx Meetings. The Free plan includes all of the major sharing and collaboration tools found in the pay plans; however, the number of participants is restricted to three or fewer in each meeting. WebEx's Premium plans offer the same range of features for small, medium, and large businesses. The only difference is the capacity of the meeting space: Choose from eight, 25, or 100 people per meeting. If decide you need to support a lower or higher capacity even after you sign up, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan accordingly.


Free for small teams

Cisco WebEx Meetings offers a free web conferencing plan that enables you to host an unlimited number of meetings with three participants or less. There's no time constraints on the length of the meetings you host, and you have access to almost all the same tools as the pay plans. This makes the WebEx Free plan a viable option for small teams who want a powerful online meeting space but don't have a large budget. For the first 14 days after you sign up, you also can test WebEx Premium, which enables you to host meetings of up to 25 attendees and provides HD-video capability and the option to dial in from a landline. After the trial period, you have the choice to upgrade your plan or continue to use the Free plan.


Easy to follow up after meetings

Once your meeting is finished, head over to the My Reports section of your account to view important data and attendance records from your meeting. This is also where you send follow-up emails to your participants. Click on the list of attendees and choose Send Thank You Email, then customize the messages and hit send. If some attendees were unable to make it to your meeting, you can send follow-up emails to keep them in the loop. Choose Send Follow-Up Email and write your message. Let them know what happened during the meeting and attach important documents that were discussed.

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